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There are tons of things I have not added here. I suggest you take a look at the relevant header files to see all the availiable methods. Not all of these methods are as well tested as they should so make sure you test them before using them for something else. You can also the doxygen documentation for a full list with much more detail.

The building blocks of the library: Global (FML) Grid for Fourier transforms (FML::GRID::FFTWGrid) General grid (FML::GRID::MPIGrid) Particle container (FML::PARTICLE::MPIParticles)

Algorithms / methods: Solving general PDEs (FML::SOLVERS::MULTIGRIDSOLVER) Grid assignment and interpolation (FML::INTERPOLATION) Correlation functions in real and fourier space (FML::CORRELATIONFUNCTIONS) Generating gaussian and non-local non-gaussian random fields (FML::RANDOM::GAUSSIAN) Friend of Friend linking (FML::FOF) Periodic Delaunay Tesselation and Voronoi diagram using CGAL (FML::TRIANGULATION) Lagrangan perturbation theory (FML::COSMOLOGY::LPT) Tidal Tensor Classification Grid operations: smoothing, whitening and convolutions Generate Watershed groups from Delauney tesselation (FML::TRIANGULATION) Delauney tesselation field estimation (FML::TRIANGULATION) Simple PM N-body simulations (FML::NBODY)

Other things: GSL wrappers: ODESolver (FML::SOLVERS::ODESolver) and Spline (FML::INTERPOLATION::Spline) Reading and writing files (FML::FILEUTILS) Random number generator (FML::RANDOM) Utils: Timing, Units, Plotting (FML::UTILS) and math functions (FML::MATH)